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Store Team Leader (Assistant Manager)

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The primary responsibility of an Assistant Manager at Certified is to provide first class, outstanding, service to every customer, either personally or through other employees on shift.  The Assistant Manager is responsible for following and applying company policy and procedures.  The Assistant Manager is also responsible for carrying out his or her job in an honest and ethical manner, complying with all laws and regulations, and all company requirements. The Assistant Manager may be scheduled on any days and any shifts.

Essential Functions:

  1. Customer Service: Including to make sure every customer is greeted  in a prompt and welcoming manner, offering and providing assistance, suggestive selling, following Certified policies/procedures to properly check identification (I.D.’s) when selling age restricted products i.e.: Alcohol and Tobacco, and make sure every customer receives a Thank You.  Seek an immediate and positive resolution to customer complaints and/or issues.
  2. Managing Employees:  Including assigning and monitoring duties and job performance, coaching on customer service skills, suggestive selling techniques, and training team associates.  Provide input to Store and Company management regarding team associates performance. 
  3. Operating POS (Point of Sale) Register/Gasoline Console/Scanner:  Including properly authorizing and controlling gas sales, accurately scanning (where applicable) and registering all transactions, handling coins, currency, checks, food stamps, EBT Cards and making change. 
  4. Stocking and Merchandising:  Including stocking and facing shelves, displays and coolers.  Maintaining proper Coffee and Food Service levels determined by the shift you are assigned.  Properly rotating merchandise and checking code dates.  Building displays, pricing and merchandising products.
  5. Maintenance:  Including maintaining the Store and Lot in a safe, clean and organized manner, cleaning store equipment, monitoring cooler and freezer temperatures and promptly reporting all maintenance issues.
  6. Store Administration:  Including ordering and product check-in, review of reports as necessary and completion of paperwork as directed by Store Manager, District or Regional Manager.
  7. Additional Functions:  Within the limits of Company Policies and Procedures all activities required for first class – outstanding customer service, safe and efficient store operations and company profitability, whether assigned by management or initiated by the Assistant Manager.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Ability to speak, hear and understand spoken or written English well enough to communicate efficiently with customers.
  • Ability to see well enough to operate all store equipment, including POS terminal/register, gasoline console, credit card imprinter, EBT equipment, check machine, check identification documents and to read store manuals.
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 20 pounds.
  • Ability to read and understand operating instructions for store equipment and to operate all store equipment.
  • Ability to handle coins, currency, checks, coupons, food stamps, credit cards and EBT Cards, recognize and understand denominations and accurately make change.
  • Ability to recognize and understand numerals, count and do math well enough to complete required records.
  • Ability to tolerate exposure to cold and/or warm temperatures.
  • Ability to operate a computer with understanding of Word and Excel programs.
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions, enforce company policy, motivate and lead team associates in a positive manner and provide support for Store Manager.